Sales Automation

AmberLeaf’s Sales Automation solution focuses on empowering the sales force with the right tools, information, and tactics to meet and exceed quotas. Working with any size sales force, AmberLeaf helps to find the right mix of technology, sales processes, and new sales and marketing strategies to improve – but not overburden – an already resource-constrained sales force.

Our Sales Automation offering includes the following solutions:

  • Sales Force Automation. Sales Force Automation has long been labeled as an administrative burden for sales forces. However, with the shift to ASP/on-demand offerings from organizations like and Siebel, organizations are finding the right balance between information capture and productivity improvements. AmberLeaf helps you to capture the right information to identify best practices, collaborate on opportunities, and provide accurate forecasts. We help to educate your sales team about the benefits of adopting a new platform, helping you to achieve maximum ROI on your automation investment.
  • Sales Performance Management. As organizations continue to use information for competitive advantage, understanding company and sales force performance becomes critical in managing and driving revenue growth. AmberLeaf has supported sales forces that range from 20 people to 4,000 people with the information they need to track, run, and optimize their sales function including revenue reporting, opportunity management, closing best practices, commissions, pricing optimization, and account profitability. Sales reporting includes distribution of information to the field as well as providing dashboard and key performance indicator dashboards for management.
  • Incentive Management. Commissions and other sales incentive programs consume huge amounts of resources for most organizations. We will help you with integrating data for commission processes, planning and implementing commission rules and incentive payouts, and creating the reporting for the field and management to track commission plans.
  • Pricing. For many organizations, pricing can become the critical factor in driving profitability from sales. But many sales forces do not completely understand the impact of their pricing decisions on either the firm or their commissions. AmberLeaf has extensive experience helping sales force management in designing and implementing tools and processes to help the sales force not only gauge the impact of pricing on profits, customer churn, revenue, and commissions, but also execute on specific pricing strategies.
  • B to B Segmentation and Value. Segmentation allows us to understand the different needs within an organization’s customer base as it pertains to convenience, sales attention, pricing, post-sale service and value proposition. Customer value allows us to differentiate the ways organizations invest their time and money in different customers.