Marketing Automation

AmberLeaf’s Marketing Automation services will help you improve your ability to implement closed loop marketing, develop a single view of your B to B and B to C customers, leverage advanced analytics, improve your marketing practices, and transform your marketing programs.

AmberLeaf will help you define the closed loop marketing process. With Strategic Planning, Customer Analysis, Marketing Execution, and Performance Evaluation solutions, we will help you to focus on all aspects of the marketing process.

AmberLeaf provides a full range of services to meet your needs, with experience in Telecommunications, Consumer Packaged Goods, Technology, Software, Retail, Healthcare, eCommerce, and Financial Services (including Insurance, Brokerage, and Mortgage).

Our award-winning marketing automation solutions include:

  • Marketing Database Management. The foundation of any database marketing initiative is the data architecture. Leveraging our industry specific data model frameworks, AmberLeaf provides a jump start to database design. Our clients have customer bases that range from 19,000 customers (B to B) to over 100 million prospects and customers. AmberLeaf specializes in difficult data integration and customer information cleansing challenges to create the elusive single view of the customer base.
  • Strategic Marketing Projects. From the strategic tasks of creating contact strategies, segmenting specific communications, and defining value propositions to the more tactical aspects of forecasting, budgeting, and developing marketing best practices, AmberLeaf can assist in the up-front phases of marketing planning and programs.
  • Customer and Marketing Analytics. Optimizing the different combinations of segments, offers, channels, prices, customers, discounts and messages can become an overwhelming task. AmberLeaf provides advanced analytics and predictive modeling to create response models, ROI models, and/or customer value models to identify the most profitable acquisition, retention, and cross-selling targets.
  • Marketing Execution. To efficiently bring programs to market and create sophisticated, multi-wave, multi-channel test matrices requires a combination of streamlined processes and technology enablement. AmberLeaf’s marketing expertise allows us to help optimize marketing processes through industry best practices. Our background in campaign management and marketing resource management helps to scale your marketing operations. We work with all of the major marketing technology vendors including Marketo, Aprimo, Unica, SmartFocus, Decision Software, Chordiant, and Siebel.
  • Performance Evaluation. Consistently, marketers identify measurement as one of the hardest aspects of their job. From detecting responses and matching sales to specific marketing programs to computing program and campaign ROI, marketing organizations struggle to show the financial value of their initiatives. AmberLeaf’s experience in reporting architecture, marketing metrics, and marketing portals helps organizations identify the right metrics, reports, and algorithms to consistently evaluate and optimize their marketing investments.