Business Intelligence began as a tactical initiative to take reporting out of the hands of IT and put it into the hands of the business users; however, data management and analytics has progressed well beyond those initial requirements. Many organizations are now trying to make the transition to fact-based, decision making environments but also need to support real-time marketing, customer service interactions, and the coordination of customer interactions across many different channels.

As a result, AmberLeaf Provides the following services to our clients:

  • Design and development of analytical environments including data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts.
  • Creation of customer, product, supplier, employee masters as well as other information hubs.
  • Integrating back office as well as customer facing systems to provide an integrated customer experience.
  • Implementation of reporting, dashboards, scorecards, and predictive modeling applications.
  • Integration of advanced analytics and customer scoring models into operational systems like web sites, service applications, and sales automation.
  • Designing a Data Governance initiative that will ensure the quality, integrity, and usefulness of information in the long term.