Service Automation

AmberLeaf makes Contact Centers more effective. We examine new techniques and initiatives for agent productivity, customer effort, and customer satisfaction. We also evaluate supporting tools that optimize profitability and productivity.

Our Service Automation offering leverages the following approach:

Evaluate the Current Situation
To identify areas for growth, we evaluate the effectiveness of your customer experience. Automating Service solutions will provide real time insights into your customer experience external and internal operations. Automating your service solutions will help you identify targeted opportunities to reduce contact center operational costs and opportunities to improve customer experience.

  • Agent Occupancy
  • Average Handle Time
  • After Call Work
  • Off-Phone Work
  • Queue Time
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Effort
  • Desktop Technologies
  • Analytical Solutions
  • Telephony Technologies

AmberLeaf can provide an assessment of your service operations, a list of “quick fixes,” and long-term initiatives with associated return on investment are identified, and when reviewed, are prioritized into a Customer Experience Strategic Roadmap.

Optimize Customer Experience After the assessment, you’ll be ready to schedule the initiatives laid out in the roadmap. As each initiative progresses through the project phases of Design, Build, Test and Deploy, the projected return on investment can be continuously measured and refined. Key performance indicators to measure include Web Experience, Social Contribution, Occupancy, Average Handle Time, Abandon Rate, and Customer Satisfaction. Interaction monitoring will identify areas of improvement in agent behavior.

Select and Automating Customer Experience Tools
Identifying and selecting initiatives on the roadmap that focus on improvements to the tools used to drive your customer experiences will also result in increased productivity and profitability.

AmberLeaf offers many solutions to help you to improve your contact center’s productivity and profitability and to improve the customer experience. Multi-channel support, 24/7 self-service, increased lead generation, contact center cost reduction, executive dashboards, and analytical reporting are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy.