Business Intelligence Strategy and Implementation

Business Intelligence began as a tactical initiative to take reporting out of the hands of IT and put it into the hands of the business users; however, it has steadily increased in strategic importance over the last decade. Many organizations are now trying to make the transition to fact-based, decision making environments where investment decisions are made based on data. AmberLeaf understands that this transition can be overwhelming.

As a result, we will help you to create a roadmap for Business Intelligence success by:

  • Understanding the strategic direction of your company and where critical decisions are made each day, week, month, quarter, and year
  • Understanding the current analytical infrastructure – what is working, and what is not working
  • Creating use cases for key decisions to understand how data can help decision makers through common and/or difficult situations
  • Recommending next generation Data Warehouse Architectures that integrate real-time and batch information, on-line and off-line information, as well as targets and actuals
  • Recommending next generation Business Intelligence Architectures that support strategic reporting, management reporting, advanced analytics, real-time operational analytics, dashboards, internal customers, and external customers
  • Creating a plan of action to describe how to implement various recommendations
  • Designing a Data Governance initiative that will ensure the quality and usefulness of information in the long term

As a point of differentiation, AmberLeaf’s roots are in Business Intelligence implementation. Everyone in our organization is a practitioner who continues to take a hands-on role in implementing solutions.

AmberLeaf provides the following services to help organizations reach their analytical goals:

  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart design and development including ETL architectures and programming. AmberLeaf works with all the major vendors in data warehousing including Oracle, Informatica, IBM Data Stage, Ab Initio, Microsoft, and SAP.
  • Implementation of analytical infrastructures including operational analytics, management reporting, and dashboards/scorecards. AmberLeaf works with all the major Business Intelligence vendors including Business Objects, Oracle, Cognos, MicroStrategy, and Microsoft.
  • Design and development of Internal and external portals
  • Small, medium, and large-scale project and program management for Business Intelligence initiatives
  • Process design, organizational structure design, and technology enablement for Data Governance projects