Embed Analytics Right Into Customer Interactions

The analytics and business intelligence space has gone through several revolutions and evolutions over time.  Though we struggled just to get our standard management reports out on time 20 years ago, we now have executive dashboards with drill down into detail, sub reports, and sub charts and graphs supported by real-time data aggregation.  Self-service business intelligence is a hot phrase right now and several technologies are addressing ad-hoc reporting for the masses like Tableau and Microsoft.  Predictive modeling is an old process and technology and yet many organizations are just taking advantage of statistical methods.

hwwebwhitecirclesMany personalization and recommendation technologies use some sort of statistical or machine learning algorithm to help them fine-tune their recommendations and offers.  These technologies allow web sites and call centers to personalize the customer experience and recommend extremely relevant content.  But this seems to only scratch the surface on what analytics can do to add value to the customer experience.  Companies want to figure out how certain metrics or scores can help a sales person, call center agent, chat agent, customer portal, mobile application, or store associate optimize the customer experience.  Those in charge of the customer experience are asking themselves the following questions:

  • – How do my sales people know they are pursuing the right clients?
  • – How do my sales people know they have the right product or offer for the right client?
  • – How do my call center agents know if someone is a high value customer?
  • – How does my help desk know if they should offer an alternative product?
  • – How do my field service reps know what product to cross-sell to a customer?
  • – How do my store associates know if someone is a high value customer?


To meet these sophisticated requirements, AmberLeaf has been honing its operational analytics infrastructure and solutions. Technologies are currently ripe for customizing sales, service, and marketing applications to embed statistical scores and algorithms into core business processes. Customer service scripting and sales force automation opportunities can generate the type of relevant conversation that clients and customers are looking for. Operational analytics can act as an umbrella but key use cases look like the following:

Sales Example: Providing scores and the results of propensity models to sales force automation software will help your sales force increase effectiveness and efficiency in a variety of ways. First, we see sales forces leverage customer value metrics to prioritize their sales calls. By giving sales reps insight into their customer valuable customers and who could possibly become one of their most valuable customers helps them from spending time with low value or low opportunity clients. Providing propensity scores to the sales force helps sales team customize their offers and sales pitches to clients. When a financial planner knows that a client has a high propensity to invest in alternative investments, it will change their approach to that client dramatically.

Customer Service Example. Customer service agents are always on the hot seat to provide exceptional, high touch service all of the time. And when there is a misstep on a valuable account, they are the ones who pay for the problem. Providing customer value metrics to customer service helps identify their value to the organization and can help service professionals to customize their approach to a case or service call. High value clients may be treated with kid gloves or transferred to specific associates for support. Call center scripting can be customized based on propensity models. If a customer calls in who looks like a candidate for a specific product or service, call center scripts can be dynamically changed to ensure the right product is recommended.

Field Service Example. Installers, adjusters, assessors, and inspectors who are on-site, in front of the customer administering repairs or maintenance are usually flying blind. With no intelligence on the customer, it is very difficult for the mobile service force to engage in a conversation with the customer about anything but the task in front of them. Providing some scripting to offer new services or products can turn a cable installer into a multi-media consultant.

Over the next few newsletters, we will be showing demonstrations of operational analytics and how innovative companies are taking marketing metrics and models into the real-time customer experience.

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