mdm_iconNew Face to MDM

Master data management (MDM) software solutions have become fairly robust and mature technologies over the past few years. With that maturity comes the inevitable sector shakeup that we are starting to see.  New technologies are providing flexibility that is tough to match in today’s environment.  The new competitive landscape is focusing more on flexibility, variability, machine learning and data governance…read more


Like marketing, supply chain, and finance, innovative sales organizations are unleashing the power of information and analytics to transform the sales process. AmberLeaf is helping clients with the next generation sales applications by ensuring that information is provided in a way that sales reps can understand and utilize…read more

Omni-Channel Customer ServiceOperational Analytics – Part 2
Models and metrics need to be readily available to the application and displayed to customers and users in a way that makes it obvious what the right next step should be…and provide insight into why that is the right next step…read more


hwwebwhitecirclesOperational Analytics – Part 1
Many personalization and recommendation technologies use some sort of statistical or machine learning algorithm to help them fine-tune their recommendations and offers.  But this seems to only scratch the surface on what analytics can do to add value to the customer experience…read more


IoT: Ultimate Proactive Marketing and Service
Using a combination of technologies from marketing automation, master data management, ETL, cloud based databases, and customer service vendors, AmberLeaf is helping manufactures deliver the promise of Internet of Things by drastically improving their customer experience…read more


How Predictive Is Your Service Organization?
By leveraging customer-related data, companies can gain better insight to develop the most impactful strategies to take the right actions and focus on customers problems you can actually predict…read more

Whatcha Gonna Do on Day One?
Information Management Magazine – An analytical plan is a great way to ensure adoption of the new system, meet ROI expectations and, most importantly, have a good answer when your boss asks, “What did we learn, today?” as opposed to being caught off guard…read more

Closed Loop Marketing is Like My Three-Year-Old Son
Information Management Magazine – It always amazes me how simple things in real life match the complex inner workings of marketing strategy, closed loop marketing and customer intelligence…read more

Why is the B2B Model so Difficult?
Information Management Magazine – Data quality issues in B2B companies tend to far overshadow the B2C challenges…read more

Is Lead Management a Sales or Marketing Program?
Information Management Magazine – Lead Management is often confused with campaign management or SFA…read more

A Marketing Suite by Any Other Name
Information Management Magazine – Traditionally, marketing automation was fairly synonymous with campaign management. However, in the last few years, several other technologies became requirements in order to be considered a suite…read more

Multichannel Metrics Still Confounding
Information Management Magazine – …the overwhelming theme was that the main concern for most marketers in the coming year is multichannel marketing measurement…read more

Loyalty Program ROI
Information Management Magazine – One of the most frequent and difficult questions I have received lately is, How do I measure the success of my loyalty program?…read more

A Look at Consolidation
Information Management Magazine – The rash of consolidations across all industries seems a bit unprecedented. The technology sector has not escaped this trend…read more

Database Design is Difficult
Information Management Magazine – I regularly hear the complaint, can’t get basic information from the business side – particularly from sales and marketing individuals…read more

MRM: Efficiency or Effectiveness
Information Management Magazine – Some of the features and functionality of marketing resource management include digital asset management, dashboards and financial…read more

Leaders and Followers
Information Management Magazine – Organizations are looking for behavioral information to triangulate hypotheses, identify segments and needs and verify brand attributes…read more