August 30, 2017 – AmberLeaf and bpm’online are excited to announce a new strategic partnership. Bpm’online offers cloud-based CRM software for marketing, sales, and service automation. Bpm’online products are the out-of-the-box processes that guide users through the most effective actions to accelerate results.

About AmberLeaf Partners
AmberLeaf helps clients release the power of their information assets. Built by executives from large integrators and boutique firms, AmberLeaf follows three guiding principles: provide pragmatic advice, offer ultimate client service and pledge superior delivery and thought leadership. AmberLeaf helps organizations to select the most practical solutions that will add business value in the shortest timeframes. For more information, visit

About bpm’online
Bpm’online provides unique synergy of BPM technologies and CRM for sales, marketing, service to empower organizations to accelerate time-to-strategy execution. The beauty and the core value of bpm’online products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with a social look and feel, free from redundant information to keep them focused on what’s relevant. Today, the company serves thousands of customers worldwide. For more information, visit