Guests, Travel Agents, Corporations, Lions, Tigers, Meeting Planners, and Bears

Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality organization have an amazingly complex network of customers. From standard guests to corporate clients, events and catering, travel agents, and meeting planners, it can be extremely difficult to understand who is driving revenue, who is controlling budgets, and who should be considered high value. Without these answers, sales and marketing teams are challenged to figure out the right customers to target and to develop innovative acquisition and growth plans. Many of the obstacles to gaining the right insight into the hospitality customer is because of the inherent way that customer data is distrusted across the enterprise: locally at the hotels, in SaaS environments, or at the corporate data center.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing groups are no longer letting these obstacles stand in their way. With new data integration and master data management technologies, disparate information for guests, corporate customers, and other customer types can be cleansed, normalized , de-duped and consolidated into a centralized customer repository. By integrating this customer repository with transactional data like stays, reservations, events, food and beverage, and web behavior, sales and marketing strategists can create game changing strategies. This data management ecosystem sets the stage for enabling these strategies through user applications like business intelligence, sales automation, service automation, campaign management, email management or lead management. See Hyatt’s presentation at InformaticaWorld 2012 for an example of how one innovative organization used data to enable their sales and marketing vision.