Retail companies have recently taken more of an interest in Business Intelligence technologies.

Retail companies are investing heavily in creating fact-based decision environments to increase responsivenss to their customers. In order to optimize profit margins, customer loyalty, marketing investment, store construction spend and other key revenue and cost elements, Retailers are building out sophisticated analytical, sales, marketing, and Web infrastructures and applications.

AmberLeaf’s retail experts have worked across the range of retail models including catalog, e-commerce, brick and mortar, continuity, and hybrid. AmberLeaf works with retailers who are customer acquisition focused, expanding their footprint through store expansion, or are more retention focused by trying to drive same store sales, develop and deploy loyalty programs, or increase activity across other channels.

To find out more about AmberLeaf’s Retail solutions regarding Customer Data Warehouses, Marketing Automation, Marketing Effectiveness, and Spend Analysis download the Retail [PDF] document or check out our recent CPG Case Study [PDF].