Hundreds of Cable Channels. Free Internet News Services. Satellite TV. Niche Newspapers and Magazines. Satellite Radio. Wireless Internet Phones and PDA’s.

The explosion of avenues for which a consumer can receive news, sports, entertainment and other information has placed the Media industry in an incredibly competitive position.

Subscribers of many traditional news services like newspapers or generic magazines are both aging and declining in numbers causing many readers, watchers, and browsers to question the value (read, what they will pay for) of various media sources. As a result, advertisers are questioning the value of their marketing investments and have ended up spreading their money thinly across a variety of marketing vehicles including direct marketing, advertising, on-line advertising, and other more targeted, measurable programs.

To counteract this competitive environment, Media organizations are re-evaluating their own marketing plans. They are asking themselves the difficult questions in order to optimize customer and subscriber acquisition and retention initiatives. These questions include:

  • Which promotions and offers lead to better retention?
  • Which promotions and offers lead to more valuable subscribers?
  • What are the most efficient and profitable acquisition methods?
  • For which contact channels are subscribers and customers most responsive?
  • What value added services can I offer my advertisers including marketing optimization, consumer understanding, and targeting?
  • How can I leverage information to optimize my marketing, sales, operations, and service investments?
  • What would a loyalty program look like for my organizarion? How do I get started?
  • How can I expand my online presence? How do offline and online complement each other?

To find out more about AmberLeaf’s Media solutions regarding a Single View of the Subscriber, Business Performance Management, and Marketing Effectiveness, download the Media Solution [PDF] document.