Sports teams face intense competition for fan loyalty

Over the last few years fan marketing organizations have found themselves under intense competitive pressure and internal scrutiny while inundated with technology advances. Marketing investments and budgets are under the microscope to create exceptional returns. The sports and entertainment sectors have not escaped these macro conditions. Further, the competition for Fan eyeballs and event attendance has never been more difficult. NFL TV ratings and NASCAR ticket sales are just some of the signs that even the mightiest machines in this category are fighting for their revenue. As a result, marketing organizations with sports and entertainment are asking themselves the following questions as they try to drive more value with the same or lower budget:

  • How can I build deeper relationships with corporate decision makers without increasing headcount?
  • What are the best ways to nurture casual fans into becoming season ticket holders?
  • Can I find and trust the data needed to send personalized communications?
  • How can I leverage insights from lapsed season ticket holders to reveal drivers of churn? How can I effectively apply those insights into proactive personalized renewal and win-back campaigns?
  • How can I use data to increase sponsorship revenue and fan engagement?

Never before have fan marketers had so many weapons at their disposal, yet seemingly so few resources. At a time when fan retention, loyalty, and profitability are so critical, AmberLeaf has created the Fan Marketing Accelerator. Fan Marketing Accelerator packages software and strategic services to help companies reach new levels of marketing performance quickly and cost effectively.