It’s Decision Time…Again… for IBM Omni-Channel Marketers

AmberLeaf resources have been working with the IBM omni-channel marketing product suite since 1999 when it was still part of a blossoming Unica company. Since then, we have worked with nearly one hundred organizations through initial installs, upgrades, product expansions, campaign management on-demand support efforts, product roadmaps, real-time marketing solutions, implementation audits, optimization efforts, database build efforts and more.

Now that IBM’s version 10 Marketing suite has been released, marketing organizations have found themselves once again under intense pressure and internal scrutiny to upgrade or explain why not. Meanwhile, marketing investments and budgets continue to be under the microscope to create exceptional returns. No industry has escaped these macro conditions. As a result, marketing organizations using the IBM Marketing products are asking themselves the following questions as they try to drive more value with the same or lower budget:

  • How can I get more out of my current omni-channel marketing solution without upgrading?
  • Are the new features in IBM Campaign v10 worth the upgrade costs?
  • Have the upgrades gotten any easier (cheaper)?
  • What are the benefits of the Journey Designer and Journey Analytics products?
  • Should we consider moving to IBM’s Marketing Cloud (Silverpop)?
  • How do the IBM tools compare to other tools in the marketplace like Eloqua, Marketo, RedPoint, BlueVenn, etc?
  • What improvements were made to IBM Interact?
  • Can I use new tools like Universal Behavioral Exchange (UBX) without upgrading?
  • Should we be concerned about the future of the IBM Distributed Marketing or IBM Marketing Operations modules?

Never before have marketers had so many options and weapons at their disposal, yet seemingly so few resources to get things accomplished. At a time when customer retention, loyalty, and profitability are so critical, AmberLeaf has created the IBM Omni-Channel Marketing Accelerator. Designed specifically for IBM omni-channel marketing organizations, the package includes the software and strategic services needed to help companies assess their current environment, determine a product roadmap, understand new features and offers, and ultimate to reach new levels of marketing performance quickly and cost effectively.

What will you choose to do next?  Will you choose to upgrade, expand, switch products altogether or simply stick with your existing version until some more enticing solution or functionality comes along?  Let us walk you through our IBM Omni-Channel Marketing Accelerator to help you choose the right path.