AmberLeaf Experience as a Service

AmberLeaf Experience as a Service (AXaaS) provides our clients with subscription based offering to achieve customer experience outcomes.

The change that AmberLeaf is bringing to the marketplace is to provide a subscription-based model for Customer Experience as a Service. What that means is that AmberLeaf is managing our clients’ Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and information applications to optimize customer interactions and meet customer expectations. Instead of focusing on a single silo, we focus on bringing all of the customer facing applications together. Using off the shelf, cloud-based applications, these consolidated, integrated systems are purpose-built for their domain expertise, whether that’s manufacturing a widget, selling a book, providing a financial instrument, processing a claim or pushing media content. The clients are looking to excel on those specific outcomes. The challenges that they face are to execute within their industry while balancing effective ways to navigate a positive customer engagement.

AmberLeaf has spent years working with our clients define, refine and build relationship-based models by using customer data and insights to drive what we refer to as AmberLeaf’s Experience as a Service subscription based model, or AXaaS. AXaaS leverages all aspects of our client’s data, policies and procedures and applies those insights to optimize the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service functions for our clients. With AX as a Service, organizations shift to focus on checking things that might go wrong, monitor for behaviors that they weren’t aware of, and provide insight into the health of the customer base. In this model, we use data to show any early signs that a customer might be struggling with an organization and reach out proactively to see how they are doing.

With AXaaS, company behaviors shift to an outside perspective inward. And turning ALL customer data into actionable strategies is ingrained within the policies and procedures of successful operations and not a luxury. AmberLeaf Experience as a Service allows you to:

  • Review and predict quickly to changing customer dynamics
  • Forecast and plan product needs
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Effectively manage work force demands
  • Drive product and service decisions based on analysis that customers aren’t communicating

The AmberLeaf Experience as a Service subscription based model moves to build the business around the data, where we are able to create a centralized decision engine to optimize the experience, offer, or product recommendation on a customer by customer basis. The AXaaS subscription model builds on traditional operational related reporting (average handle time, CSAT, customer effort, click rates, marketing ROI, etc.) and moves towards the goal to bring customer expectations directly to daily business decisions. Even with departments of a company that are typically not customer facing.

The marriage of operational applications like sales force automation, customer service automation, field service automation, ERP systems, and even HR with an enterprise customer repository is the catalyst that propels the AmberLeaf Experience as a Service model. When we see something in the customer’s data and reach out to them, they shouldn’t view this as intrusive rather as a confident, partner, and not a vendor or provider. Customer data should enrich the relationship and allows for prediction and insights. Some of our most progressive clients adopting the AXaaS subscription model believe that ‘if you have data that will help your customer, it is your moral obligation to use that data to support your customer.’ AmberLeaf firmly believes this, and it also simply makes good business sense. You will delight your customers. You will decrease operational costs. You will develop a true competitive differentiator.

AmberLeaf is providing outsourced managed services to facilitate a complete, holistic Customer Engagement operation by facilitating your strategy, advising your policies, maintaining your application, and managing your data and integrations.

  • Through setting up, building and managing our clients marketing and demand generation operations
  • To analyzing effective sales processes for cross-selling and upselling the product or services they offer
  • To promoting the organic growth of a customer’s channel experience to supporting their needs
  • And wrapping up the data, application and analytic operations around these areas

AmberLeaf is evolving the market space by outsourcing those needs, coupled with the aggregation of data across the enterprise, managing the quality of that data, and applying insight on that data to help our client make the right decisions to manage their own customer experiences. AmberLeaf outsources the complete customer engagement infrastructure. We work with vendor solutions to package up not only the software subscription fee model, but the parallel service engagement model to execute their customer engagement goals.